Modern QR Code Inventory Management And Asset Tracking Software

Efficient inventory management is vital for all businesses. QR Inventory is a modern software system that automates inventory management, asset tracking and data collection processes. The software uses modern technologies, such as QR codes, NFC, Bluetooth, mobile app, IoT gateways and the cloud. With these tools you can keep track of materials, tools and equipment in real time with minimal effort, and have organized digital documents accessible on demand from anywhere.

Optimize Business Operations With QR Codes And A Smartphone

Use QR Inventory software to digitize your process, and spend much less time on tracking assets and inventory with much better results.
barcode inventory management Smart Inventory Management

Manage inventory anywhere using a mobile app. Use smartphones for QR code, NFC or BLE tags scanning, data entry and look up. Access real time stock level in multiple field and warehouse locations. Custom setup based on your business requirements.

I Need To Track Inventory
real time asset location Smart Asset And Equipment Management

Use smartphones for the efficient asset management in the field, on the job sites, in the office or warehouse. Use a mobile app and smart asset tags (QR codes, NFC or BLE tags). Always know where your assets are and who is using them. Access assets lifetime history and usage statistics.

I Need To Track Assets
real time asset location Mobile Equipment Maintenance

Optimize equipment maintenance tracking with QR code scanning and mobile forms. Keep digital maintenance logs organized, access them from anywhere. Reduces delays and unexpected equipment breakdowns, and create a safe work environment with timely maintenance.

Equipment Maintenance
mobile forms software Field Data Collection

Add digital field data collection to the inventory management process. Build custom digital forms for all types of field paperwork, from inspections to safety audits to equipment maintenance. Keep digital documents well organized, access them on demand from anywhere. Receive email alerts on PM, problems and outliers.

I Need Mobile Forms
Workflow And Progress Tracking Workflow Tracking With Barcode Scanning

Track raw materials and work orders through the manufacturing process. Track materials from receiving to shipping or installation on the client‘ s site. Do all tracking and data collection on site or shop floor in real time using a smartphone and QR code scanning. Access live projects‘ progress and history.

I Need To Track Workflow
new additions Smart IoT Asset Tracking.

Use Bluetooth IoT technology to take asset and inventory management to the next level. Use smartphones for the fast bulk asset scanning. Fully automate asset tracking process with the IoT gateway. Monitor assets location and conditions in real time, access live reports from anywhere.

Smart IoT Asset Tracking

How QR Code Inventory Management System Works

Use QR Codes For Inventory Identification

A QR Inventory software uses QR codes for the inventory data storage and retrieval. You assign a unique QR code to each asset or inventory line item. A QR code allows for fast and error-free inventory identification.

Use A QR Code Scanning Mobile App For Inventory Tracking

When inventory is delivered to the warehouse, is moved, sold or used for a project an employee scans a QR code with the mobile app. A QR code scan records a transaction, updating stock level at the same time.

Use Cloud Software To Access Inventory Reports In Real Time

The changes made to the inventory stock are synced with the central database. Authorized inventory management system users always have a live view of stock level. They can access inventory info on the mobile devices and desktop computers. A QR inventory system statistical reports show inventory usage and trends. This info helps you optimize stock levels, forecast demand and make informed decisions.

A QR Code Inventory Management System In 3 Easy Steps

Implement QR Code inventory management in your company in 3 easy steps:

qr code labels
Step 1. Generate And Print QR Code Labels.
Generate and print QR codes for assets and inventory. A QR Inventory software has a built-in tool that allows you to generate, layout and print QR code labels.

There is no need to purchase a special printer to print QR code labels. You can use sheet labels and a regular office printer.

Once QR codes are printed, label inventory and enter or import it into the system. A QR Inventory system provides multiple options for initial inventory entry and count.

qr code inventory tracking
Step 2. Track Inventory With Mobile App And QR Code Scanning.
Track assets and inventory by scanning QR code labels with a smartphone. Easily track assets on the job sites, in the service vans, in a warehouse, yard or a on the shop floor.

A mobile application sends asset data to the back end cloud software in real time. This data is available to all authorized software users and devices right away.

Scan a QR code to access assets specs, documentation, location and stock level.

inventory management reports
Step 3. Review Real Time Inventory Reports.
Review real time reports using a cloud software web dashboard. Check stock in all locations, inventory movement history, usage trends and statistics.

Field employees can review inventory stock, assets specs and PDF documents with a simple scan of a QR code with a smartphone.

Administrators check inventory reports on the office computers. They can use various search filters to access data they need quickly and easily.

Advantages Of Using QR Code Inventory Management System

A QR code inventory management system has many benefits. It makes the process of tracking and managing inventory simple and user friendly. QR codes use increases data accuracy and improves productivity. A QR code system provides live data access to the authorized software users. You can review real time reports and make informed decisions. As a result, you become more efficient and reduce costs.

Arming your technicians with the necessary tools to get their jobs done is essential. Not doing so results in poor customer service and increased expenses due to the return trips... 58% of best-in-class organizations provide mobile workers with live parts and materials visibility.

Field Technologies Magazine  

QR Codes Automate Inventory Management And Field Data Access.

A QR Inventory software gives field technicians all the right tools to be productive.
Field workers use a mobile app for QR codes scanning and real time asset and inventory updates.
This ability to quickly scan assets and inventory and submit updates to the cloud software in real time makes inventory management tasks quick and easy for the field employees.
A QR code inventory management system gives all team members live parts and materials visibility. This info allows companies to optimize inventory ordering and usage, avoid unnecessary trips and delays. As a result you complete projects on time and on budget. You save money by maintaining the right stock level, avoiding over-stocking or materials shortage.
Traceability software is a must for the manufactures to comply with the regulations and stay in business.

Quality Manufacturing Today  

Lot Traceability & Workflow Tracking With QR Codes And A Smartphone.

A QR code inventory management software makes it easy to track parts, components and finished products.
Shop floor employees use smartphones to track inventory and project progress in real time. They use a mobile app for QR code scanning, data entry and look up.
A QR Inventory software is very flexible. You can define the entire workflow process using the cloud software web dashboard.
Your digital traceability documentation becomes readily available. You can act quickly in case of a problem or recall.
Analytical reports help you find the bottlenecks in the process and use this data to optimize manufacturing process.

It‘s hard to think of anything less efficient than a paper-based system. The need for manual tracking paper documents does not exist when mobile devices replace paper. All data is in a single central system, so no double entries are necessary.
Digital records with photos can make all the difference in disproving liability claims quickly and efficiently.

CIO Magazine  

Mobile Forms Data Collection With QR Code Scanning.

A QR Inventory software helps you switch from physical paperwork to the digital records.
Instead of paper forms you can fill out mobile forms on the smartphones or tablets using QR code scanning.
You can create custom mobile forms or checklists for all your business needs. Use mobile forms for asset inspections. Record equipment service and maintenance. Submit field reports and requests from a smartphone. Fill out digital quality control forms. Digitize all your field paperwork and streamline documentation process.
Field techs fill out mobile forms on site on their smartphones, and submit completed forms to the back end cloud software in real time. All team members have access to just-in-time critical information.
Approaches that rely on computers and mobile devices create a single data pool that is easy to analyze. Digital data collection allows business leaders to spot issues and resolve problems fast.

CIO Magazine  

Create Digital Records Using Smartphones And QR Codes

A QR code inventory management software allows you to use QR code scanning and mobile forms for completing business paperwork. Mobile forms completed on the smartphone are sent to the back end cloud software in real time, instantly creating digital records.
Authorized software users can access digital documents from anywhere. There is no need for double entries, and nothing is misplaced or lost.
You can quickly find what you need by using various filters to search asset records. Analytical reports help you quickly uncover problems and optimize your business process.
Today, it‘s no longer a question of if software, internet of things (IoT) sensors, and mobile devices should be used on the job site, but rather what types of them.

Construction Business Owner Magazine  

IoT Asset Tracking And Conditions Monitoring.

IoT module of the QR Inventory software gives you an option to use Bluetooth IoT technology for asset tracking and inventory management. IoT technology takes asset tracking and management to the next level of automation. BLE beacon tags allow for the bulk scanning with a smartphone. One click in the mobile app adds all items to the batch at once. There is no need to locate a QR code and scan each asset. Use a Bluetooth IoT gateway to track assets automatically without relying on company workers.
Monitor temperature and humidity conditions in the warehouse and on the job sites using BLE sensors. Real time temperature and humidity monitoring prevents costly asset damage and breakdowns.

How QR Code Inventory System Streamlines Operations For Field Employees

QR code inventory management system is especially helpful in the industries that need to track inventory in the multiple field locations. QR codes allow field employees to quickly access information, record inventory updates and fill out forms using regular smartphones.

qr code construction

Using QR Codes In Construction

QR codes help job site employees to be informed and productive. Construction site workers can scan QR codes on the equipment and materials with a smartphone to access vital information. Information can include spec sheets, blueprints, manuals, pdf documents, and more.

You can use QR codes and mobile phones to track job site assets, inventory, employees and visitors. QR codes help you streamline field inventory requests and work orders management. You can use mobile forms and QR codes for the construction site paperwork, and have organized digital records instead of the paper forms.

All in all, using QR codes in construction improves efficiency, enhances safety, gives every team member access to the live data, and helps with the overall project management.

More on QR codes in construction

qr code for contractors

QR Codes For Contractors (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical)

QR codes help mechanical contractors (HVAC, plumbing, roofing, electrical) to enhance productivity and improve customer service. Field employees use a mobile app for QR code scanning. A QR code scan allows field workers to:

  • Access live data on inventory stock, equipment specs, maintenance and past repairs
  • Track parts and inventory used for repairs
  • Check in and check out tools and equipment
  • Access work order details and pre-filled forms
  • Fill out repair or maintenance forms on a smartphone

As a result you always know current inventory stock and tools location. All equipment maintenance paperwork is digital and is well organized.

More on QR codes for contractors

qr codes for field service

Using QR Codes For Field Service Management

QR codes improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity for the field service companies.

A QR code scan with the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) gives field technicians live access to the vital data. The data can include documents, manuals, equipment specs, past service history, and more. Timely access to equipment info makes field technicians' job easier, more productive, and of better quality.

Company employees can track parts used for equipment service and repairs using a mobile app and QR code scanning. They can also use check out tools and equipment for the job with a QR code scan, and record tools return to the crib.

All data are sent to a cloud software in real time, providing all team members live access to the current info.

More on QR codes for field service

What Sets QR Inventory Software Apart From Other QR Code Inventory Management Systems

Cloud Inventory Software With The Native Mobile Application.

Fast, easy and real time parts, materials and asset tracking anywhere. Use a smartphone to scan QR codes, NFC or BLE tags.

  • Responsive native smartphone application for the mobile workforce.
  • Fast and reliable QR code and barcode scanning, even in the low light conditions.
  • A variety of barcodes and RF tags are supported. You can use UPC barcodes, QR codes, datamatrix codes, NFC tags, BLE tags, and RFID.
  • Native integration of the mobile app with the bluetooth barcode scanners. You can record high volume inventory and asset transactions fast without extra navigation and clicks.
  • A QR Inventory software includes IoT asset tracking and monitoring option. Use this option for an automated asset tracking system that does not rely on employees.
  • A mobile application and a cloud software have distinct functionality. Each interface is tuned to their respective users. They do not repeat each other.
  • A mobile app is easy to use and uncluttered. It has just the right inventory management functionality for the field employees.
  • A mobile app allows for the fast and efficient data collection. It supports QR code scanning, hint lists, selection lists, photos, and signature capture.
  • You can create, print and email PDF receipts and documents from the smartphone.

Customizable Inventory Management Process.

Easily adjust QR Inventory software to your business needs and workflow.

You can customize almost all aspects of the inventory management process:

  • Define what data to keep in the software system.
  • Create custom inventory flow steps.
  • Define what data should be collected on each step.
  • Have any number of storage locations, defined in the software system and ad hoc.
  • Store info about location in the system.
  • Create custom groups of items that can be added to an inventory batch at once.
  • Create low stock alert and other custom alerts.
  • Built-in QR code generation tool.
  • Multiple ways of generating, laying out and printing QR code labels.
  • You can create QR code labels for your locations. This will allow users to scan code for the faster tracking.
  • Custom PDF receipts and custom PDF documents for the completed mobile forms.
  • Track generic, serialized and lot inventory.
  • Build and track kits and assemblies.
  • Create custom workflows.
  • Create custom mobile forms for the field data collection.
  • Link mobile forms to the workflow steps.
  • Customize inventory management web dashboard and reports.
  • and more...

More Than Inventory Management And Asset Tracking.

Extend QR code inventory management to add field data collection, mobile forms, workflow tracking and traceability.

Tie inventory and asset management into your broader business process. Select right set of modules to add functionality that you need:

  • Track equipment service and maintenance.
  • Do safety checks and job site inspections.
  • Collect data in the field or in the shop using mobile forms and QR code scanning.
  • Pass mobile forms between office, field and devices. Each employee fills his part and passes a mobile form on.
  • Track building of complex multi-level assemblies, generic and serialized.
  • Track lot numbers and achieve complete traceability.
  • Track work orders through the production process by scanning a QR code label with a smartphone.
  • Give all team access to the live project status.
  • Track items in the movable containers (pallets, racks, skids, totes, etc.).
  • Have granular drill down storage locations. Scan a QR code to see at a glance a list of items in each location.
  • Easy ordering in the field. A QR Inventory software spans all ordering steps, from placing orders in the field to approval and fulfillment. Purchase orders are updated as field deliveries are recorded with the QR code scan.
  • Create and track purchase orders and invoices.
  • Create custom PDF receipts, BOL, documents on the smartphone in the mobile app.
  • Allow customers to place orders by simply scanning QR codes on your products.
  • Automatically track assets and monitor asset conditions. Use a network of IoT sensors and a gateway for asset monitoring.

Who Is Using QR Code Inventory Management System

QR Inventory Software Is Used By Customers In Diverse Industries

QR Inventory clientsManufacturing
Users of QR InventoryField Service
Companies who use QR InventoryProperty Management
Our clientsEquipment Maintenance
inventory management clientsConstruction
inventory management clientsFood Processing
businesses using QR InventoryBreweries & Wineries
small businesses inventoryHospitals & Clinics
medium businesses inventory managementIT Assets Tracking
inventory and asset managementHotels

What our customers say:

The system is very easy to use both for myself as an administrator and for our field personnel.

Jennifer, Deep Well Services
Everything has been very simple and easy to navigate and learn.

Kenneth, Olori High Reach
QR Inventory is exactly what I was looking for!

Bob, Spinal Tech
QR Inventory helped us out many times to locate and keep track of our samples.

Michael, W.R.Grace & Co.

QR Code Inventory Management, Real Time Data Collection And Traceability - Case Study

How other companies use a QR code inventory management software. How mobile phones and QR codes help in every day business operations.

Ionex Research Corporation Interview / Case Study.

Ionex Research Corporation is a manufacturer of high-performance process filtration and treatment equipment. A QR Inventory software helped them increase operations efficiency and improve communication between departments. Ionex solved record-keeping problems with the QR Mobile Data forms.

Read Case Study
One of the hurdles IONEX faced with was the amount of data. Each step of the manufacturing process produced a lot of documentation. It was also challenging to keep information up-to-date and communicate between departments. With the QR Inventory software we can complete record keeping tasks fast and "live" as they happen. The need for physical paperwork is eliminated and everyone in the company has access to the data.
C.M., Ionex

QR Code Inventory Management Integrations With ERP / Project Management Systems

Connect a QR Inventory system to your existing software. Use pre-made integrations, or custom integration. Connect to the accounting software, project management software or ERP / MRP software.

quickbooks online inventory   
quickbooks eeenterprise inventory   
xero inventory   
intacct inventory   
procore equipment inventory   

misys manufacturing integration   
inventory barcode scanner   
azure active directory integration   

How Different Industries Benefit From Using QR Code Inventory Management Software

inventory management for construction
Smart Construction Inventory System
A smart inventory management system for construction industry that includes construction inventory and materials managements, construction equipment and tools tracking, digital forms for construction site paperwork, and more. You can use QR codes, NFC or BLE tags, a mobile app or IoT gateway for the efficient inventory management on the job sites, in the service trucks and warehouse.
Manufacturing Inventory Software With QR Code Scanning.
A QR code inventory management software helps you track and document manufacturing process. Use a mobile app and QR codes for tracking materials and assemblies on the shop floor. Use mobile forms for data collection, quality control, record keeping and traceability.
Warehouse Inventory Management For wholesale
Smart Warehouse Inventory Software With Climate Control
Bring warehouse inventory management up to date by using modern technologies: cloud, mobile, smartphones, barcodes, QR codes, NFC, BLE tags, IoT gateways and sensors. Automate warehouse inventory tracking with QR code / barcode scanning and a smartphone, or BLE tags and IoT gateways. Use IoT gateways and sensors network for warehouse temperature and humidity conditions monitoring.
Electrical Contractor Software For Inventory And Job Management
Simple and efficient inventory and job management software for electrical contractors. Manage inventory of parts and materials, track tools and equipment with a smartphone and QR code scanning. Manage jobs from start to completion. Document electrical systems installation, commissioning and maintenance using mobile forms fillable on the smartphones or tablets.
work tools inventory management
QR Code Construction Tool Tracking
A QR Inventory software will help you efficiently track tools and equipment in the field, tool crib, construction sites and warehouse. Automate tool tracking using QR codes, NFC tags or Bluetooth (BLE beacon) tags. Use regular smartphones to check tools in and out, enter required information, take photos and collect signatures. Keep track of tools warranty expiration and maintenance.
field service inventory management
Field Service Inventory Management.
Using QR code inventory management software field service companies can track materials and tools in real time. They use QR codes for the materials identification, data access and real time stock level updates. All team members have live access to the materials stock and equipment documentation.

Business Use Cases For The QR Code Inventory Management System

stock control
BOM Parts And Materials Tracking With QR Codes
With the QR code inventory management system you can track assemblies building and achieve a complete traceability. Manage bill of materials (BOM) via the cloud software web interface. Use a mobile phone and QR code scanning to track assemblies building on the shop floor in real time.
mobile equipment maintenance software
Mobile Equipment Maintenance With QR Codes.
Use smartphones to record equipment maintenance and service in the field. Create seamless work order process with the QR Inventory software. Access digital documents on demand.
Tracking assemblies
WIP Tracking
Efficient WIP tracking on the shop floor with the QR code scanning mobile app. Track parts and work orders through the production process using smartphones for barcode scanning, data look up and entry. A lot of add ons required for the complex manufacturing workflow, such as bill of materials management, traceability, digital forms data collection, lot number tracking, and more.

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